Fiterman Sports Group in West, Texas - Earl Campbell Autograph Signing

03/12/2016 on my 51st birthday I was excited that Earl Campbell was going to be at the New Fiterman Sports Memorabilia store at Baybrook Mall in Houston, Texas. A friend showed up with me and I had in my duffle bag a 1982 Game Ball that was already signed by Earl Campbell, Ron, Coleman and Ken Stabler.

I was excited to be able to share with Earl this football and the story behind it. We arrived and there was a line. I expected that. To make a long story short, I was told that if I even wanted to talk to Earl I would have to buy a $75 ticket and get in line.

This was told to me by a pompous young tattooed young man that had to basically show all his baseball tattoos and tried to drive home to me that he new everything. I wasn't gonna stand in line for $75 to show my football to Earl. He did state that I can wait until 4pm when he was done with the public signing because after that he had a lot of Private Signings to do and I could then see him. So at 4:13pm I walked back into the store and they said that Earl was already gone.

I stated that what they told me was a lie and the Individual just shrugged his shoulders. At this point I went walking out and what I believe was the owner a middle aged man with no hair was literally arguing and yelling at the Tattooed guy and told him he was done with his $%*#. One other thing thing. I do not have any papers or authentication on this ball and I asked how I can get paperwork and authentication.

They stated that they could. It would cost me $5. So I paid $5 and they put a Hologram sticker on my Football. They just took my word for it and Authenticated this ball but I still never got any paperwork.

This group or Rinky *** outfit is a scam.

Do not go to this place. I would love to see their scamming store shut down.



Chicago, Illinois, United States #1195967

You sir are an ***.

Friendswood, Texas, United States #1170175

So my wife and I were standing in line for about 30 minutes when we saw you walk up with your bag. There were people everywhere trying to get a peek at the legend and you thought you were better then all of us waiting and that you wanted to walk in front for free.

Are you kidding me? What a piece of *** you are and that fact that you have the balls to bash this new business. I heard the young guy try and tell y'all multiple times what was going on and you laughed like you wouldn't sink below us to get into line. Then you proceeded to tell the young man that he didn't have a clue who Pete Rose was and he then laughed.

He said to you... Pete Rose is my idol... I even tattooed it on my body... and you told him to prove it.

Y'all all laughed... so I find it funny how you are blasting the guy. Honestly...

I think you are the scam and you are the one trying to sabotage this new addition to our mall.


1. I don't have a dog in this fight so just giving an analysis.

You show up to an event where hundreds of people have paid to have an interaction with an athelete and just EXPECT them to let you in free to interact with the athelete....?

Then sneak in to the event to have your item authenticated clearly knowing you didn't get it there..probably didn't let the people at the table know this and still presented it as such to get authenticated. Sounds like the store isn't the one scamming....

West, Texas
Reason of review
Poor customer service
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Fiterman Sports Group in Woodmere, New York - Mail order Hakeem Olajuwon signing

I've dealt with a lot of promoters and autograph agents and these Fiterman's are the worst of them all. The bald one with the clueless expression (how appropriate) is more concerned with posing for pictures with as many athletes as he can than pleasing his customers.

A typical signing with any of this company's athlete-clients consists of them piling mountains of jerseys, photos and balls in front of them which they sign until their signature becomes little more than crappy scribble. Only after they have signed all that bulk garbage do they have them sign mail order items and/or do the public signing. So if you bring to a show or mail in your cherished item, you will get the "I've already signed 1000 items, my hand is tired and I just want to be done" signature. Take a look at the items they sell on their site.

Their Hakeem Olajuwon items have HAKEEM OLAJUWON where you can see every letter. Even the ones that aren't every letter are still Hak--- Olaj--- But you know what you get with mail order? H~~ and that's it.

Not even distinguishable as two words, with only one legible letter. Never again will these lazy, pathetic people see my business.

Woodmere, New York
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Fiterman Sports Group - DJ Fiterman is a Lier and Fraud

Look up him and his brother. They are both pompous asss out of Texas. Their name in the Autograph Sports Business is mud!

One of the Fiterman "Boys", was escorted out of a Tri Star show months back.

BEWARE of these clowns!

One of them has spent time in jail for being an ***.


There are several other reviews out about these clowns.

Letters have been written to HOFer Earl Campbell and Hakeem Olajuwon in regards to warning them of these scam artists.

It is only a matter of time until these Boys trip up again.


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Fiterman Sports Group Complaint

I sent in a photo to Fiterman Sports Group to be signed by Mike Tyson.

After a week and a half, I sent the following email...

"DJ. Can you please forward me my confirmation number...

It's been Two weeks and I have not received a response from you.

I do realize you are busy but, the collecting boards are getting filled with refunds for items not being signed right.

I would appreciate a update at your earliest convenience."

Seems innocent enough since I paid for a service and wanted an update. Well, this was the Email response I received...

"First if all, don't try and talk *** to me.

If by collection boards you mean Internet forums...I have sent out 3 (yes, three) refunds out of over one THOUSAND items sent in. You never paid return shipping, but I shipped your photo back to you anyway. You're welcome.

Maybe I haven't responded because I have had hundreds of emails asking "when is my item shipping" or "did you get my item?"

I don't have a tracking number for you bc it is Saturday and I am with my family. Plus, it clearly states on our website that it may take at least ten business days for your item to be processed and returned.

DJ Fiterman

COO, Board of Directors

Fiterman Sports Group

(512) 876-7012"

I have to admit that I was alittle taken back by the COO,BOARD OF DIRECTORS response.

I replied with the following...


Please see the email history attached above...I will forward you the Visa payment that was made to you that You sent me that included a shipping charge that was agreed upon amongst you and I.

And for the record, I did not "Talk ***" to you Mr Fitterman. must be were your "only 3 complaints" came from then.

If your company receives the amount of emails you state, asking questions about items that were paid for by the customers, then you might want to investigate a new email return system.

You are the owner of a buisness that has to deal in customer service. Good, Bad and repetitive.

If you under charged me for return shipping, then send me a new invoice.

If not, then apology accepted."

No, I have not received an email apology from Mr. Fitterman. To be honest, I never expected to.

There are numorous complaints on collector boards across the internet along with complaints to the Better Buisness Bureau in regards to Mr. Fiterman's company.

Fitterman posted on the Texas Autograph Club the following...

Re: Fiterman Sports Group's FIRST SHOW!!

« Reply #195 on Dec 13, 2012, 4:14pm »

------------------------------------------------ of all...tysonfan (whoever you are)

None of our inventory on Tyson got inscriptions. We got all of the inscriptions done on items that were for customers. You would know, if you actually went and looked at the eBay items listed which you seem to have such a problem with."

Well that discussion was locked, therefore no more posts can be made in regards to the thread.

Funny how the DAY AFTER the thread was "locked", Fitterman Sports listed items on Ebay WITH INSCRIPTIONS! not only does his Customer Service leave something to be desired but, now customers are feeling "Lied" to.

PayPal claims were filed, Credit Card companys were contacted and Fiterman Sports even returned items, that were purchased from customers, with Postage Due! After they accepted $15 for shipping.

"And if you have questions, call my direct cell phone number (512) 876-7012 and I will answer them.



His Voice Mail was Full. Nobody could leave new messages!

Folks, there are many, many more lies that were told to customers.

After the way myself and others were treated. I will be surprised if they get a majority of their previous customers back.





Name is Allan, Ben. So nice of you to comment.

"24/7 communication" would be fantastic but, not realistic.

Instead I waited Two Weeks.

To a consumer, that seems pretty fair. No?

This site is to post experiences someone has had.

Take it for what it is worth Ben.

If you do not agree with me posting my experience, then I have to question why you even thought of looking up my post over a year later.? Take your own advice and "move on". All you accomplished with your bad grammer, was "Bumping" my complaint higher on the internet "search engines".

Folks Beware of DJ Fitterman and Fitterman Sports. Allan


So you post all his information, his cell # & all, yet you don't have the balls yourself to post your name. Sooooo manly & tough to run your mouth behind a computer screen.

If people want to post a message, leave a name. I have had 0 problems with Fiterman & have made many purchases.

This "man" gets a problem, expects 24/7 customer service & then wants to try to smear a persons reputation. Be a man, if you aren't happy, then get your money & shut up.



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Fiterman Sports Group in Shakopee, Minnesota - Fiterman mail-in for Mike Tyson autograph signning

Paid for my a few Mike Tyson items for their mail-in service. I am charged "tax" which is a maintenance fee (according to DJ Fiterman) for their website.

Been over 2 weeks since the signing and not a mention of returning my items. Phone calls to Fiterman Sports Group go to cell phone answer machines on first ring and emails go unresponded to. Complete Busch League group. I guess for K-Mart prices you get K-Mart service.

I wont be back!

Save your time and money and look for your autographing needs elsewhere. This place makes Steiner look top notch.




Yeah,..met mr. Fiterman in person.

Ok when you buy from him, but question anything,..they become very rude. Will not deal with again!!!


finally got my money back from them today. I have nothing positive to say about them as a company or people. Complete B.S. company to deal with. Lie after lie after lie. I wont be back.

Im very thankful I was paypal protected as that was the ONLY was I was going to be paid back for Fitermans constant CF of an operation.

Very happy to have my money back from them and WILL NOT BE BACK EVER!!!!


Do a Google Search of this company before you trust them.

Various email lies with Alot of contradiction.

Stay away folks. They are as rude as it gets!


DO NOT EVER USE THESE GUYS!. They have seriously lied over 10 times about the Tyson signing

Houston, Texas, United States #580252

All I have heard regarding the Thanksgiving Fiterman Sports Group show and their recent dealings are negative comments. I do not personally know any of the owners or employees there at Fiterman Sports Group, although I met one of them once.

I suggest that you consider carefully and do your own research before doing business with this group or any business for that matter. If you can get the item signed in person with you in attendance, that seems to be the safest way of getting what you expect.

Think seriously about any mail in or private signings.

Rumors regarding those events are concerning. Think of the old adage "You get what you pay for"

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Fiterman Sports Group in Milford, Massachusetts - Damaged Autographed Helmet - Fiterman Sports Texas

Fiterman sports sent me back a helmet that I had signed at an autograph signing through their company with smudge and smear marks all over the helmet. This helmet was worth over 300 dollars.

When I told the company of this issue they initially tried passing the blame to UPS despite the companies poor attempt at packaging my helmet. Once he realized I wouldnt go to UPS for this he then tried to point the finger at me for not providing "the right" packaging despite the helmet arriving in Texas without these smudges, and the fact that the smudges happened AFTER the signature was on the helmet which would indicate that it happened because of the merchants shipment. Last, the customer insulted me and my knowledge of the industry by trying to tell me to fix my autograph with a permanent marker which ruins the integrity of the autograph.

Pathetic. Stay away from this company



Fresno, California, United States #587447

I was actually going to buy a mike tyson autograph from this company. I decided to do research first and I have read nothing but bad things about fitermans.

It is possible that the reviews are from competing companies but why take the chance. Ill go with someone I'm familiar with.

Naples, Florida, United States #584840

This company is a scam. They lie about shipping and why your items shipped late.

Half their stuff is never signed like you pay for!

These jokesters put items on eBay that should have went to the paying customer!

It's pretty bad when one of the nicest Baseball HOFers, Nolan Ryan, says he will NEVER use them again! Stay Away!

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